Ostrich Conference May 2022

We arrived on the 22nd of May 2022 in Oudtshoorn.

Ostrich Industry received us well more especially Cape Karoo international and role players like Dr De Wet(Klein Karoo Head Office) who explained in details the challenges and future prospects of the industry. While Dr Andriaan Olivier(Animal Health) at the Emporium Ostrich Business Centre explained all the disease and health mitigation stategies the industry adheres too.

A hands on practical with Dr Ben Van der Merwe at Highgate Farm and A wonderful experience we had at Steyldrift Farm with Mr Laubdcher Coetzee and his son Jacque.

Wooo, what a experience we witnessed with Mr. Sabastian Mayer at the feather factory, knowing how the feather dusts are made.

Lastly awesome sight seeing highlights from slaughter to leather manufacturing was showcased by Mr. Cobus Brink.